Friday, July 29, 2016

Review: The Marseille Caper

The Marseille Caper

The Marseille Caper
Peter Mayle

Francis Reboul, a wealthy business man, propositions Sam Levitt to take on the job of being the front man for his development project in Marseille. Francis can't do it himself, since the head of the development committee that will decide on the project winner is his sworn enemy. Sam and his partner Elena Morales are happy to make the trip to the south of France to help out. But there are other investors keen on landing the rights to develop one of the last waterside plots in Marseille, and they just might pose a problem for Sam and his friends.

Once again Peter Mayle provides a fun, lighthearted and utterly enjoyable read, with glimpses of great food, culture and a relaxed lifestyle in the south of France. Having seen the DVD: A Year in Provence, based on Mayle's first books, I wonder why no one has made any attempts to make this book and the previous book in this series The Vintage Caper, into a film. The location alone would make it worth watching. Until that happens, if you can't get away to France this summer, but wish you could, I recommend this book. It might be the next best thing to being there.

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