Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Review: Hello Bicycle

Hello, Bicycle: An Inspired Guide to the Two-Wheeled Life

Hello, Bicycle
Anna Brones

Lately, I've noticed more and more people out and about on their bicycles. My city has also recently introduced a bike share program and it wouldn't surprise me if dedicated bicycle lanes spring up next in the town. For this reason, I was drawn to this book, wondering if I should dare to take up bike riding myself.

It seems strange to think that as children most of us, myself included, practically lived on our bikes, riding around the neighborhood with no fear of traffic, rain or anything else for that matter. But somehow as we aged we ditched our bikes, either for more interesting entertainment forms or because we just didn't have time to ride. The longer we went without riding the less likely we were to get back on again. So, I asked myself if it might be time to join all the other riders out there, who have rediscovered the joys of riding or never lost it.

Hello Bicycle aims to make this easier by reminding the reader why riding a bike can be fun and healthy as well. The book is full of helpful hints and tips, such as how to choose a new bicycle,change a flat tire, and inventive uses for old bike tubes. It also covers safety issues and introduces one to the equipment needed for riding safely. I also appreciated the section which included some interesting recipes for boosting energy and items that are easily portable. While I didn't think there was anything that was particularly earth shattering or unique in this book it is full of common sense advice for anyone wishing to get a bike for the first time or get back on one after considerable time.

Thanks to blogging for books for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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