Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Review: As the Pig Turns

As the Pig Turns (Agatha Raisin, #22)

As the Pig Turns
MC Beaton

At the annual pig roast in the Cotswold town of Winter Parva, a body is discovered, roasting on the spit, no less. As there is no head attached, it's hard to tell who it could be. Agatha Raisin suspects it might belong to a local policeman, Gary Beech. Officer Beech is despised by the village because of his ability to find endless reasons for handing out tickets. So there is no lack of suspects. The only person interested is Gary's ex-wife and she hires Agatha and her team to investigate.

MC Beaton has once again provided the reader with an entertaining “whodunit”. Agatha is her usual “bossy” self. In fact, in this novel she's been interfering too much into the personal life of Toni, a younger female member of staff. Which leads to conflict and the possible loss of a valuable member of the team. But Agatha is strong willed. Even though this case has her more frightened than usual she is determined to see it though.  

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