Thursday, April 21, 2016

Review: The Body in the Wardrobe

The Body in the Wardrobe (Faith Fairchild Mystery)

The Body in the Wardrobe
A Faith Fairchild Mystery
Katherine Hall Page

Sophie has just married Will and they have moved to Savannah Georgia, Will's hometown. As Sophie tries to settle into a new town and a new job she finds a body in a wardrobe. The only problem is, no one really believes her since the body vanished before the time the police arrive. Over phone calls with Faith Fairchild back in Maine, Sophie reveals all the strange things that have been happening since her arrival in Savannah. Eventually, Faith feels compelled to travel to Savannah to help Sophie solve the puzzle of the body in the wardrobe.

This was my first Faith Fairchild mystery and I must admit it seemed at first a bit disjointed to me. I think it might have been helpful if the Author's Note that appears at the end of the book had been placed at the beginning. Because it is only at the end of the book that there is an explanation as to how Sophie became the main character in this book, rather than Faith. I also felt that there could have been more suspense in the book and it seemed like the mystery was wrapped up too quickly. Another thing that bugged me was the incorrect use of the southern term, y'all. Y'all is basically a shortened version of you all, and one only uses it when one is referring to a group of people. In this book it was often used by characters when they were addressing only one person. Either there was a lack of understanding of the term or poor editing. Either way it was an annoying feature in an otherwise fairly well written novel.

Thanks to Goodreads Giveaway for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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