Monday, July 13, 2020

Review: The End of the Line

The Other End of the Line (Inspector Montalbano Mystery #24)

The Other End of the Line
Andrea Camilleri

In The Other End of the Line Inspector Montalbano and his team of officers in Sicily are inundated with migrants who have been rescued at sea and brought to the local port. Along with concerned locals, Montalbano and the police have been doing the best they can to cope with the crisis. But when Montalbano is pulled away to investigate a murder, he is saddened to find the body of Elena, a local seamstress who was in the process of making him a bespoke suit. His connection to the victim ensures that he will do everything he can to find the murderer.

Once again, Camilleri has written a gem of a story. Drawing on current events, he highlights the issues facing migrants and the locals who are trying to help them. The colorful cast of characters, the witty dialogue, and the intricate storyline are what make Camilleri, to my mind at least, a master storyteller. Then there is the reference to sublime food of Sicily, and life beside the sea which gives the reader a real sense of place. Fans of this series will be happy to know that Montalbano has lost none of his charm and ability to solve even the most complex of cases in Montelusa.

This review was originally written by me for City Book Review.

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