Monday, May 4, 2020

Review: Maybe this Time

Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time
Jill Mansell

Mimi Huish decides to leave London after finding out her boyfriend, who is also her boss, has cheated on her with her best friend and roommate. Mimi's got a feeling she may never meet the right man, but since she's going to the Cotswolds to visit her father, she has decided not to focus on that. Of course, as soon as she arrives, she comes across Cal, a friendly, warm widower who might be just what she's looking for. Then again, he might be what all the local women are looking for as well. Will Mimi be the one for Cal or will he find someone else?

Maybe This Time is a heartwarming tale of friends, love, and missed chances. It was such a delightful read I didn't want it to end. I'm sure this sweet, charming tale will also leave you wanting more of Jill Mansell's world of cozy villages and enchanting characters.

Written by me and originally published by City Book Review.

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