Monday, December 7, 2015

Review: Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees

Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees
Kian Lam Kho

Anyone interested in authentic Chinese cooking will benefit from this book. It focuses on the techniques of Chinese cooking rather than just the recipes. Until I read this book I was unaware of the differences between “simple stir-fry” and “dry stir-fry”. I had also never heard of “velveting” nor did I realize the many different means of frying in oil. This book is good at explaining why certain techniques are used and what it brings to the ingredients and dishes.

There are recipes for familiar dishes such as “sweet and sour chicken”, “moo goo gai pan” and “General Tso's chicken” but there are lots of other, to me unfamiliar dishes. The author's aim is really to teach the techniques behind the cooking so that you can then make your own dishes and vary the ingredients that you want to put in them.

It's full of good photos, tips and explanations which will hopefully make it easier for Westerners to learn to cook authentic Chinese food. And if you've ever wondered how and why something tastes so good at your local Chinese restaurant, or take away, this book will give you a better understanding of what went on behind the scenes in the kitchen and how it was all prepared.

Thanks to blogging for books for allowing me the read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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