Friday, January 8, 2021

Review: Everybody Has a Podcast (Except You)


Everybody Has a Podcast (Except You)

Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy and Griffin McElroy

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? Or maybe just wondered what's involved in the development of one. If so, you might be interested to know that the McElroy brothers, co-creators of podcasts that include My Brother, My Brother, and Me, have created a guide that covers every aspect of how to create one.

They cover all the essentials in this book, such as developing your idea, coming up with a good title, and structuring your show. They also discuss the tools you will need and explain what to do after you have recorded your first episode. They have useful tips for making it audience friendly and cover issues that deal with post-production, such as advertising and growing your audience.

The best thing is that they do all this with wit and humor, making this both an entertaining and informative book to read. If you are interested in podcasting, this is one you will not want to miss.

Thanks to Harper Perennial for allowing me to read and review this book in exchange for an honest review.

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