Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Review: Death in the Abstract

Death in the Abstract (Katherine Sullivan Mysteries, #2)

Death in the Abstract
Emily Barnes

Katherine Sullivan, retired Chief of Police in Edina, Minnesota, is concentrating on her art in Taos, New Mexico, when she gets word that her good friend, retired police officer Nathan Walker, is missing. She heads back to Edina to help the employees of his private security firm find him. Once there, she may not get much help from her nemesis, Dean Bostwick, the new Chief of Police, because he is busy trying to find out who murdered a woman he knew.

Katherine is also hoping to find time to spend with her daughter and grandchildren, but that won't be easy until she is able to find Nathan. And before she can find him another body turns up--a suspect in his possible kidnapping no less. Now, Katherine has to focus on Nathan's last business appointment, which was held in a newly built subdivision with a paranoid homeowner. Hopefully, she will finally find some answers to his disappearance.

Fans of cozy mysteries will be delighted with this book. Katherine Sullivan returns here after her debut in The Fine Art of Murder, determined to find her friend. Death in the Abstract is filled with likable characters and a twisting plot which makes it a good read.

This review was written by me and originally published by City Book Review.

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