Monday, June 20, 2016

Review: Who Will Catch Us As We Fall

Who Will Catch Us As We Fall

Who Will Catch Us As We Fall
Iman Verjee

Leena, from the East Asian community has just returned to her hometown of Nairobi after a three year absence, when this book begins. She left after an unspecified incident and in the first chapter she is trying to come to terms with her homecoming. The book then moves back into the past telling the story of Leena, her brother Jai and their African friend Michael. Other characters are slowly introduced, particularly Jeffery a disillusioned policeman, and the story moves forward pulling all the participants together, explaining what prompted Leena to leave Nairobi. The friendship between Leena and Michael is rekindled, even though this may be difficult for her community to accept.

I found this book highly enjoyable. It was full of well developed characters, within the bustling, cosmopolitan Nairobi. I particularly liked that there were numerous stories within this story and each character has something to give to the overall story. The motivations and actions of characters let the reader see just how diverse life in Nairobi is and the obstacles faced by many. Overall, it was an intense and well observed book. It also gave me a glimpse into the East Asian community in Nairobi and it's relationship with other communities in the city. I only wish the ending hadn't been as abrupt as it was. After such a long, intertwined intense story I would have enjoyed a more drawn out ending that left fewer open questions. But, having said that, this is an author I would definitely read again, without hesitation.

Thanks to Library Thing for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.  

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