Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Review: Dark Homecoming

Dark Homecoming

Dark Homecoming
William Patterson

Liz, has just married David Huntington, a Palm Beach businessman, after knowing him only briefly. David's first wife Dominique was killed in a yachting accident, but her body was never found. Liz moves into the Palm Beach estate that David calls home but, she is warned by servants that there is evil in the house. Many tell her that Dominique still haunts the house. What will happen to Liz? Is Dominique's ghost still around? Read along and find out what happens as Liz tries to make a new home in a sinister place with an dark atmosphere.

Although I don't usually read “horror” books or things about ghosts and voodoo, I found this book interesting and entertaining. The author did a good job keeping my full attention until the end. The story was full of suspense that kept building with each new chapter. Surprisingly, I found that I really wanted to know how it would all turn out for Liz and David.

Thanks to Goodreads giveaway and Kensington Books for allowing me to read this advanced reader's copy in exchange for an honest review.

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