Monday, February 8, 2016

Review:The Excellent Lombards

The Excellent Lombards

The Excellent Lombards
Jane Hamilton

This is a heartwarming tale about Mary Francis “Frankie” Lombard, her brother William and the rest of the Lombard clan. The story is set on the apple orchard in Wisconsin, owned by the family. In it, Frankie recounts the young lives and adventures she and her brother have had on the farm. It's full of fun and well observed characters and gives a wonderful view of the changes that have taken place on the farm and within the family structure as times change and people grow older. While everyone loves the farm, for Frankie its so much more. It's a home she can't ever imagine leaving even as things beyond her control change the course of life, both on and off the farm. This is a well told tale that made me feel like I was growing up next to Frankie on the farm. It had the right amount of humor, charm and feeling and tenderness that makes a reader really feel connected to the characters.

Thanks to Grand Central Publishing for allowing me to read an advance reading copy in exchange for an honest review.

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