Thursday, February 18, 2016

Review: The Detective & The Chinese High-Fin

The Detective & the Chinese High-Fin: A John Darvelle Mystery

The Detective & The Chinese High-Fin
A John Darvelle Mystery
Michael Craven

While Private Detective Darvelle is on a mundane case involving a stolen ring from an elderly lady, he gets a call from L.A. Homicide detective Mike Ott, regarding a cold case. Keaton Fuller was shot dead in front of his home and the police couldn't find the killer but the family, especially Keaton's parents, want to continue the search. John Darvelle decides to take on the case by going through the old case files and re-interviewing everyone involved. He is hoping something new will turn up so that he will be able to find the killer. It may not be easy, since Keaton Fuller was not a likeable guy and so far everyone identified in the case has an airtight alibi. Darvelle will have to spend his time looking for something the police missed.

I wasn't sure I was going to like the style of this novel at first but to be honest the characters grew on me, especially John Darvelle. After a few pages I appreciated his chatty narration and all the commentary he added about the city, the characters and the events in the story. The story had some twists at the end, which I wasn't expecting and Darvelle finds he has some tough decisions to make once he uncovers the killer. Overall, I felt the whole thing was well observed, sometimes funny, witty and entertaining. In the end I found it hard to put down.

Thanks to the Goodreads giveaway for allowing me to read an advanced reader's copy in exchange for an honest review.

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