Thursday, January 7, 2016

Review: The Woman Who Fell in Love for a Week

The Woman Who Fell in Love for a Week
Fiona Walker

Jennifer is a divorced woman with two grown children, who has taken on a professional house sitting job. Since the end of her marriage she has had to downsize into an unloved home and for this reason she not only doesn't mind house sitting in a stranger's home, she finds it's an escape from her own unhappiness. This time it is an old Rectory with beautiful gardens and an inviting pool. The house belongs to the Lewis family, who she discovers via living in their space and meeting their neighbors. Jennifer also has an “almost” boyfriend, Roger, who she is hoping to finally sleep with after numerous dates. But, her time in the Rectory may not unfold exactly as she planned. There's Gunter, the badly behaved dog and Euan the family's sometime resident painter, who keep interrupting her attempts to create an organized life. She has to decide how much of herself she will expose to him and whether she is capable of finally moving on, after her painful divorce.

I must admit, that although I'm a fan of Fiona Walker, the beginning of this story didn't really pull me in. It seemed too melodramatic and the main character seemed a bit dull. In fact about a third of the way through, I thought maybe the story would be a dull one. But then it seemed to pick up, there was a tension developing between characters that suddenly made it hard to put down. The story gained a life of it's own and it was easy to loose track of time while reading it. It's full of punchy, witty and funny dialogue that Ms. Walker is known for as well as characters you feel connected to. It's perfect as a lighthearted read or when you need an escape.  

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