Monday, June 22, 2020

Death in Paris: A Review

Death in Paris (A Death in Paris Mystery #1)

Death in Paris
Emilia Bernhard

Rachel Levis and her friend Magda are two Americans living in Paris. When Rachel discovers that her once boyfriend Edgar Bowen, also an American expat and successful banker, has drowned in his soup, she can't believe it. The police find nothing suspicious and decide it was an accidental death. However, when Rachel learns that there was a glass of Ros̩ wine on the table, she knows there is something wrong; Edgar couldn't bear the stuff Рhe never recovers.

It doesn't take Rachel and Magda long to decide they need to investigate Edgar's death. It may be a difficult since neither of the ladies has a connection to Edgar's social circle or the police, but two headstrong women like Rachel and Magda aren't going to let that hold them back. They are determined to find a way to discover the truth.
Death in Paris is a witty, charming, and cozy mystery set in a beautiful city. When the characters aren't busy honing their detective skills they are enjoying the sites, sounds, and flavors of the best districts in Paris. This captivating mystery will leave you wanting more of Rachel, Magda and the place they call home.

This review was written by me for City Book Review.

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