Thursday, March 5, 2020

Review: Mind over Weight

Mind over Weight: Curb Cravings, Find Motivation, and Hit Your Number in 7 Simple Steps

Mind Over Weight
Ian K. Smith, M.D.

This book is designed to help those who want to lose weight by finding strategies that help to get you motivated and stay on track to meet goals. The seven steps are as follows. First, you want to make sure you are in the right frame of mind to start a diet. Then you need to set goals so that you will have a course of action to follow. Then one needs to find the best diet to follow. Once you have a plan, you might need some help to deal with cravings as you try to lose weight. You may also need to seek ways to boost your confidence so that you are more likely to succeed or stick to your diet plan. Afterward, to ensure further success, you will want to create a positive environment and address your overall relationship with food in general.

The author provides some useful tips and strategies to help you plan and execute a diet. The suggestions are ones that are easy to follow. Plus, they allow the reader to approach his or her nutrition from a personal point of view. What I like about this book is the fact that the strategies provided within could be used to meet other goals as well. So, Mind Over Weight might be just the beginning. This is a book that I will revisit and consult when I need tips or advice on restarting my diet or just when I need a boost.

Thanks to St. Martin's Press for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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