Monday, May 8, 2017

Review: Rain Shadow DVD

Rain Shadow: Series One

Rain Shadow

Rain Shadow is an engaging story of two veterinarians determined to help the community of Paringa near Adelaide in South Australia. Rachel Ward and Victoria Thaine play the two leading roles. Kate, played by Ward is a tough, introverted women who has been in Paringa for years. She has coped with numerous young assistants, and she expects the new one, played by Thaine to be the same as the others. But she may be in for a surprise. It takes some time before they can work together, but there comes the point where it becomes necessary to overcome some of their personal difficulties and pull together for the sake of the community. And the community of Paringa couldn't need their help more. The area has been suffering from a long drought, that shows no sign of ending.

Superb characters, good acting, a story of struggle and hardship as well as a stark but beautiful landscape make this a film worth watching.

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