Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Review: Country Affairs

Country Affairs (The Tippermere Series) by [Stoneley, Zara]

Country Affairs
Zara Stoneley

If you are looking for a fun romp in the English countryside, this book is for you. It's number two in the Tippermere Series and it follows all the characters from the first book. In this installment, Charlotte “Lottie” Brinkely is set to take over her inheritance, the country house being left to her by her grandmother Elizabeth. But will the lovable boyfriend Rory be able to cope with all the responsibility, especially when Lottie has to come up with ideas to raise money to cover the estates enormous debts.

I found Country Affairs was a lot more fun than the first book in the series, although book one is good at laying the groundwork for all the characters involved. I felt book two was better developed and a lot more interesting. By the end of book two I was certainly ready for the next in the series entitled, Country Rivals.

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