Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Instruments of Darkness by Robert Wilson

Instruments of Darkness is a book about Bruce Medway a European in West Africa working as
a "fixer". His job is to find a missing expat, a trader in sheanut oil, who hasn't appeared for work with his local boss. The story follows Medway on this journey through Benin, Togo and Ghana where the author describes bustling cities and shady underworld dealings and politics. While the book is a good mystery it was at first a bit slow going.

I personally, found the first 90 pages to have too much description and attempts to turn a cleaver phrase that I almost gave up reading on two separate attempts. Eventually, the story shifts into another gear and I felt the descriptions and characterizations fulfilled a purpose. The characters seemed less flat than in the first half of the book and I could now feel more of a connection with them and the mystery that was unfolding on the page. Overall, if you like mysteries about shady business practices, and shady people set in exotic locations it is worth a read.

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